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Further to our unbeatable support team, Go Solar Batteries are the only company to offer a Solar Care Team. At Go Solar Batteries, we believe that once our premium products are installed it's not the end of the relationship but only the beginning. With on-going monitoring and bill analysis you can have a piece of mind knowing our team is here to help you get as close to a $0 bill as possible.

Dedicated customer support
The only company to offer a solar care team
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Why choose GoSolar?

Investing in solar is often a large financial decision and we understand the importance of protecting your solar asset.

Best warranty ever

The longest warranty coverage in the industry also guarantees the performance of your system.

Control energy costs

With solar you can secure predictable electricity costs for years to come.

We make it affordable

Our reasonably priced products make it easy to switch to solar.

Help the enviroment

Solar creates 91% less CO2 pollution than natural gas and 96% less CO2 than coal.

We’ev got your backup

It gives your family peace of mind that’s reliable.

Save money

In most states, solar costs less than energy from the utility, so you can save on your bill.

Control your energy and you control your future.

To give you a better idea of what solar can do for you – we’ve developed our simple, easy-to-use savings calculator.

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